Book - Activating Democracy


Driven by a powerful belief in the value of free expression, Sheryl Oring has for more than a decade been helping people across the country voice concerns about public affairs through her “I Wish to Say” project. This book uses that project as the starting point for an exploration of a series of issues of public interest being addressed by artists today. It features essays by 20 contributors ranging from art historians and practicing artists to scholars and creators working in literature, political science, and architecture. All the contributors offer a different approach, but they share a primary goal of sparking a dialogue not just among makers of art, but among viewers and readers, and the concerned public at large. The resulting volume will be an essential resource for politically engaged contemporary artists searching for innovative, cross-disciplinary ways of making and sharing art.

Full Title: Activating Democracy: The “I Wish to Say” Project

Editor: Sheryl Oring

ISBN: 978-1- 78320-671- 1

Published by: Intellect Books / Univeristy of Chicago Press