Press Clips


Sept. 15, 2019

Dear Mr. President…

SWR2 (German public radio/in German)

April 30, 2019

UNCG Partners with Literary Festival


March 31, 2019

Arts In podcast interview

Creative Pinellas, Fla.

February 2019

SRQ Magazine (Sarasota)

“The Politics of Art”

Jan. 31, 2019

The Greensboro News & Record

“‘Art on Paper’ Exhibition Returns to UNCG’s Weatherspoon Art Museum”


Nov. 28, 2018

Cultural Vistas Blog

“Year in Germany Helps Bosch Alumna Become Successful Artist”

Nov. 2, 2018

Washington Post

“ ‘Dear Mr. President,’ the postcards began in 2004. Now the greetings are darker”

Oct. 28, 2018

The Catalyst

Sheryl Oring’s “Agitype: Changing the World One Letter at a Time” at RCAD.

Oct. 12, 2018

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“Ringling College Galleries Open Multiple Exhibits”

Oct. 11, 2018

SRQ magazine

Ringling College Braces for Second ArtWalk of the Season

Sept. 30, 2018

Roanoke Times

“W&L Students Share Postcard Messages to Donald Trump in Visiting Art Project”

Sept. 27, 2018

WDBJ - Roanoke

“Art Display on Freedom of Speech at Washington and Lee”


May 25, 2017

Daily Californian

"Oakland Book Festival uses public conversation to address inequality"


April 29, 2017

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Volunteer 'secretaries' type out, mail letters to Trump"


April 28, 2017

KDKA, CBS Pittsburgh

"Unusual Art Display Brings '60s Secretaries to Pittsburgh"


April 28, 2017

Pittsburgh Today Live, KDKA

"I Wish to Say Event to be Held in Market Square"


April 25, 2017

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Have a Message for President Trump? Vintage Typewriters to be used in 'I Wish to Say' Events"


April 25, 2017

Next Pittsburgh

"Have a Message for President Trump? Artist Sheryl Oring Will Type It and Send It for You"


April 14, 2017

The Almanac

"I Wish to Say" public performance planned in Pittsburgh


April 5, 2017

Triad City Beat

Pedestrians Dictate Postcards to Trump


March 11, 2017

Creative Pinellas

"I Wish to Say"


Feb. 23, 2017

The (Raleigh) News & Observer

During Trump's first 100 days, art professor invites people to dictate postcards to him


Feb. 8, 2017

Greensboro News & Record

UNCG Professor's Postcard Project Is Now Online


Jan. 24, 2017

WUNC, The State of Things

North Carolinians Pen Postcards for the New President


Jan. 14, 2017

Tampa Bay Times

Sheryl Oring wants to hear your stories for a Tampa International Airport art installation




Nov. 6, 2016

San Francisco Chronicle

Listening Is a Democratic Act


Nov. 2, 2016

The Carolinian

Activating Politics: When Art and Politics Collide


Oct. 31, 2016

Greensboro News & Record

"Dispatches" Views the News Through Art


Oct. 20, 2016

Greensboro News & Record

Have typewriter will travel: UNCG professor turns popular project into book


Oct. 14, 2016

The Day With Brent Goff

Live interview on German TV (in English)


Oct. 11, 2016

PIX 11 (NY)

Dear Mr. (or Mrs.) President : Artist gives Americans opportunity to tell next president what's on their mind


New Yorkers Can Leave Messages for Clinton, Trump at Park Pop-up Office

NowThis Election

Artist Sheryl Oring lets people type out what they want to say to the next president on a typewriter.


You Can Write a Note to the Future President Thanks to this Woman and Her Typewriter

Flatiron Hot News

Retro Analog Campaigning: Sheryl Oring "I Wish to Say" Campaign in Mad Square Park Today


Oct. 5, 2016


Postcards to Presidents Reveal What Americans Care About


May 4, 2016


Sending a Message


April 29, 2016

Greensboro News and Record

Greensboro artist's New York project gets national attention. 


April 27, 2016

NPR: All Things Considered

'I Wish to Say' Project Delivers Personal Messages to Presidential Candidates


New Yorkers Send Postcards to Presidentail Candidates

The Blaze

Typists in NYC Help People Write Postcards to Presidential Candidates - Hear What They Had to Say


April 26, 2016

San Francisco Chronicle

Old Technology Delivers New Message From Voters


April 20, 2016

The Carolinian

The Big Apple and Typewriters: How one art professor is pushing the boundaries.


April 13, 2016

Creative Capital blog

Sheryl Oring Will Help You Write a Letter to A Presidential Candidate


April 7, 2016

Tampa Bay Business Journal

Here's the New Public Artwork Approved for TIA


April 7, 2016


Public Art Approved for Tampa International Airport Expansion


Feb. 18, 2016

The New York Times

PEN World Voices Returns With Focus on Mexico

Jan. 27, 2016

The Carolinian

Artist Weekly: Professor Sheryl Oring



Nov. 18, 2015

Art in Odd Places Blog

Sheryl Oring and the Art in Odd Places Class from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.



Nov. 7, 2014
Gedanken und Geschichten zur Mauer

Nov. 6, 2014
El Pais
Berlin, 1989-2014

Nov. 4, 2014
Campus Weekly
Sheryl Oring collects Wall memories in Berlin

Oct. 18, 2014
Jerusalem Post
Writing on the Wall

Oct. 18, 2014
Aftenposten (Oslo)

Oct. 14, 2014
ZDF: Morgen Magazin
Mobiles Maueramt zum Jubilaeum

Oct. 14, 2014
Professor collects Berlin Wall memories 25 years later

Sept. 5, 2014
Ein Amt für Zerrissenheit

Sept. 4, 2014
RBB Radio
Chefsekretärin aus den 60ern sammelt Mauergeschichten

Sept. 4, 2014
Evangelischer Pressedienst
Kunstprojekt zur Berliner Mauer

Sept. 3, 2014

Sept. 3, 2014
Maueramt wieder aufgebaut


Oct. 28, 2013
"Takin' it to the Streets: UNCG brings famed NYC arts festival to downtown Greensboro"

Oct. 25, 2013
Arte Al Dia International
An Exhibition regarding Perspectives on Self and Other in Art and Human Rights at The University of Dayton.

Oct. 24, 2013
Greensboro News and Record
"Find Art in Odd Places Downtown"

Oct. 23, 2013
Daily Tarheel
"QandA with UNC-Greensboro art professor Sheryl Oring" By Elizabeth Tew

"The State of Things""Artist Takes Public's Words to the President"
By Frank Stasio

Feb. 16, 2013
Deutsche Welle
"Role Models" A performance artist draws lessons from people living in the emerging economies in Brazil, Russia, India and China. A conversation with Sheryl Oring.


Sept. 6, 2012
Greensboro News and Record
"Meet an Artist: Sheryl Oring"
By Erin Rainwater

Sept. 2012
Russia Beyond the Headlines
International Public Art Festival
"Art Prospect"

Sept. 4, 2012
Inside Higher Education
"The Democrats Convene"
By Libby A. Nelson

Sept. 4, 2012
"Secretaries Help People Write Letters to the President"
By Tasnim Shamma

Sept. 3, 2012
Charlotte Observer
"Performance artists type peoples messages to the president"
By Steven Brown

Sept. 2, 2012
Raleigh News and Observer
"UNC-Greensboro prof carves out space for civil public discourse"
By Chrisopher Gergen and Stephen Martin

Feb. 28, 2012
"Stalking Distinction"
By Sarah Thornton

Feb. 27, 2012
"What is the role of the artist?"
By An Xiao


Oct. 11, 2011
Being Blog
"Reflections from the Typing Pool"
By Amy Gottlieb

Sept. 12, 2011
Washington Square News
"Weekend Event Immortalizes 9/11 Stories"

Sept. 11, 2011
9/11 Anniversary: New York Remembers

Sept. 11, 2011
Euro News
"Typists Compile Memories of 9/11"

Sept. 10, 2011
 News 14 (North Carolina)
"UNCG professor hopes to document memories of 9/11"

Sept. 9, 2011
The New Yorker
"For 9/11, Creating a Collective Memory"

Sept. 5, 2011
Greensboro News-Record
"UNCG professor to record New Yorkers 9/11 views"

The Bonefolder
"Capturing the Quotidian: Book Artists Explore New Tools"
Download Pdf of Article


July 2, 2010
 KPBS radio
 "San Diegans Write Letters To President Obama"

June 9, 2010
San Diego Gay and Lesbian News
"San Diegans invited to express concerns and opinions to President Barack Obama"


May 1, 2009
Angela Carone, Culture Lust blog
"Do You Have a Creative Fix for Our Country?"

April 20, 2009
Dalouge Smith, Dog Days blog
"Art as Policy Proposal"

Washington Post Video
"A Protest Postcard"


March 27, 2008
Time Out NY

Nov. 17, 2008
Chicago Tribune
"Notes for Next President Make Stop at McCormick Freedom Museum"

Sept. 26, 2008
Wichita Eagle
"WSU students dictate their wishes for our next leader"

Sept. 26, 2008
Wichita Eagle - online
"Dear Mr. President"

May 28, 2008
NPR's Bryant Park Project
"Artist Types Your Letters to the Next President"

May 20, 2008
New York Daily News
"Writers Give Future President Their 2 Cents"

April 26, 2008
Los Angeles Times
"These Are Postcards With an Edge"

April 24, 2008
Monterey Herald
"Artist Solicits Letters to Next President"


June 20, 2006
The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC
"They Say It's Your Birthday"

June 20, 2006
Houston Chronicle
"Brooklyn-based artist brings Birthday Project to Houston"

June 20, 2006
St. Petersburg Times
"Secretary to the people"

June 14, 2006
The Independent Weekly (Raleigh)
"Locals send regards (sort of)  to the president"

May 31, 2006
NPR, All Things Considered
"Happy Birthday, Mr. President, From Art Fans"

April 12, 2006
San Francisco Chronicle
"Having Their Say"


Oct. 6, 2005
Amsterdam News
"Do You Have Something to Say?"


Sept. 16, 2005
Spiegel Online (English)
"Gerd and Angie, You"ve Got Mail"

Aug. 30, 2005
MDR artour
"Wenn ich Kanzler ware, wurde ich .... "

Aug. 28, 2005
ZDF, Mona Lisa
"Wenn ich Kanzler ware..."

Aug. 22, 2005
Deutsche Welle Online
"Eine Postkarte fur Ihre Gedanken"

Aug. 20/21, 2005
Taz, nrw
"Getippte Meinungsfreiheit"

Aug. 17, 2005
Spiegel Online (German)
"Wenn ich Kanzler ware..."

Aug. 17, 2005
Berliner Morgenpost
"Postkarten an Gerhard Schroder und Angela Merkel"

Aug. 16, 2005
Deutschland Radio
"Offentliches Wunschen"

Aug. 15, 2005
NDR Kultur Journal
"Performance Postkartenaktion von Sheryl Oring"

Aug. 15, 2005
Berliner Zeitung
"Was taten Sie als Kanzlerin?"

Financial Times Deustchland:
Aug. 22, 2005

Reuters TV: Aug. 21, 2005

Welt Kompakt: Aug. 18, 2005

ZDF, Heute in Europa: Aug. 18, 2005

NDR Abendschau: Aug. 17, 2005

RBB evening news: Aug. 15, 2005

Sky News, UK: August 2005


Sept. 3, 2004
ABC World News Tonight
Peter Jennings' "Person of the Week"
"Public Opinion on Postcards"

Sept. 2, 2004
Wall Street Journal
"Postcards to the President? Performance Art."

Sept. 2, 2004
Washington Post
"New York Expressionism"

Sept. 2, 2004
San Francisco Chronicle
"To President Bush, I Wish to Say"

Sept. 2, 2004
die tageszeitung
"Sekretarin gegen Bush"

Sept. 2, 2004
Deutsche Presse Agentur
"One-woman campaign shows diversity of American political opinion"

Aug. 18, 2004
The New York Times
"A Salute to Free Speech"

Aug. 18, 2004
MSNBC, Countdown with Keith Olbermann
"Postcards for the President"

Aug. 10, 2004
ARD Tagesschau
"Postkarten an den Presidenten"

July 29, 2004
San Francisco Chronicle
"To Sen. Kerry, I Wish to Say"

July 22, 2004
WNYC radio, Brian Lehrer Show
"Take a Letter!"

Feb. 20, 2004
San Francisco Chronicle
"To the President, I Wish to Say"


Sept. 21, 2003
New York Times
"Machines That Speak Volumes"